Insurance Problems for Older Homes

Insurance premiums on older homes are skyrocketing and policies are becoming difficult to obtain. The available insurance market for homes built pre-1995 is disappearing by the day. Most insurance companies will no longer insure homes over 30 years of age in South Florida. Many carriers will only accept new business on homes less than 10 Learn More “Insurance Problems for Older Homes”

The Rise of Construction Costs

Floridians are being impacted by the rising costs of construction and construction materials (and the costs trends will continue to rise).  In the past 6 months construction costs have exploded, in part as a result of supply shortages and Covid shutdowns. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cost of building a single-family home. Learn More “The Rise of Construction Costs”

Homeowners Insurance: Tips for Lowering Your Premium while Staying Properly Covered

We get it. Most people aren’t excited to purchase insurance but realize the importance of protecting their assets and, in turn, their peace of mind. We’re sure you’ve dealt with insurance providers that simply want to make their commission and don’t seem to want to educate you on your needs and your coverage options. We Learn More “Homeowners Insurance: Tips for Lowering Your Premium while Staying Properly Covered”