Most people assume their homeowners insurance covers their fine art, collectibles and jewelry. To a limited degree, this is correct. A Homeowners Policy does not provide adequate protection for valuable, irreplaceable or one of a kind property. For that, you need a separate, special policy. This type of specialty policy will give you tremendous peace of mind, whether you’ve curated your own collection or inherited it from a relative. Protecting your valuables from loss is an affordable option for anyone with treasured belongings. Whether you need jewelry insurance or want insurance for multiple valuables, we offer plenty of options.

You may be required to provide the underwriting company with an appraisal for the items you are insuring. This appraisal will help in itemizing the description of items on the policy and facilitate a prompt settlement of your claim in the unfortunate event you need to file one. Your appraisals should be updated every two to four years. Be sure to notify your Burke, Bogart and Brownell insurance specialist with the updated appraisal information.

We recommend you discuss ways to protect against loss of these items and/or their value. At Burke, Bogart and Brownell we specialize in helping clients manage risks and find creative solutions to safeguard the value of these unique and special items.

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