Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

  • Get more than one proposal from various quality insurance companies.
  • Look at optional deductible proposals.
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Class. (2 years licensed)
  • Check for multi-policy discounts (Life, Long Term Care, Umbrella).
  • Good student / away at school credits.
  • Pay in full discount can be substantial.
  • Have VIN, Drivers License Number, Dates of Birth and Social Security Numbers for all drivers readily available when looking for proposals.
  • Know your driving and claims history for the last five years, CLUE reports on all vehicles.
  • Good credit helps get good rates.
  • Teen driving discounts and incentives.
  • Senior driving courses.
  • Know your vehicle financing requirements (leased vehicle insurance requirements).
  • Add towing and rental car reimbursement… it’s inexpensive and you will be glad you have it when you need it.
  • Check out gap coverage for leased vehicles.
  • Your auto insurance does not cover loss of use for rental cars. Use an appropriate credit card for coverage.